To us, film is a passion. POTATO brand was brought to life by Pawel Klepacz, who graduated from a world-recognized, prestigious film school located in the city of Lodz. Our crew is being assembled depending on a given project. It consists of dp’s, stage designers, actors and many other people, required for a successful film production. Feel free to check out our Blog section, where you can find more about us.

POTATO’s goal is a continuous exploration of film art and its secrets. We’re working on using the cinematic language in a way that we can create effective audiovisual message. We take an individual approach to each project, taking into account needs of every target group. Because of that you can count on a conscious and effective communication with a client. It’s crucial for your business to be noticed. We take care of that side of the picture.

• Prestigious education
• Fresh and unconventional look (we are a young brand)
• Individual approach to client, their needs and their target group needs
• We use cutting edge technology in recording image and post prod
• Our work has been appreciated on many film festivals
• Nothing as a narrow expertise – we treat each film as a journey
• We are equally engaged to projects that differ from each other
• Endless creativity ;)